Realtor Information

Earn 3% Commission in 2 Easy Steps!

  1. Register your client (on or before their first visit) by completing our Broker Registration Form at each community visited, and submit this form to any of our Sales Associates. You are then automatically protected with this client for 90 days. Forms are available at our Sales Centers, or we can e-mail or fax you a form.
  2. When your client signs a Purchase Agreement, complete and submit our Commission Request Form and a W-9 Form. The Commission Request Form will show the estimated commission that will be earned at time of closing.

It's that easy! Our Sales Associates will work with you and your client throughout the entire process. They will provide assistance with anything you need to keep your client engaged, including handling and signing the Purchase Agreement! Your commission check will be given to you at closing for 3% of the base price of the home.

For more information, call or visit any Homes Sales Center.